Potential Recipients   
The following websites will help you to find local programs.

You can select a non profit nursing home using Nursing Home Compare or a literacy program from the literacy directory below.  Using these resources it is  likely that you'll be able to find a program near you.  If you can't find a program near you or if you want to support some of the other programs listed below, keep in mind that you will incur a shipping expense to send your books to the program (unless of course some of the programs below are near you).  

It is very important to call or write the organization you select, before you start to gather books, to insure that they still have a need for books and to find out what type of books they need.

Nursing Home Compare is a website run by the Federal Government that lists nursing homes by state and zipcode.  Select "Find a Nursing Home within a certain distance of a ZIP Code" and the distance you're willing to travel.  When you've entered that information, you will get a list of nursing homes near you.  The last column will indicate the status of the nursing home, any nonprofit nursing home or government run are eligible for the Bedsidebooks Program.  You need to contact the nursing home to see if they are willing and interested in receiving books.

The National Institute for Literacy has a literacy directory that allows you to search for a program in your neighborhood using zipcode, city or state.

Most of these programs will require that you ship the books to them or the recipients.

Books for Africa is the largest shipper of donated textbooks to the African continent. Books for Africa has shipped over 13 million primary, secondary, post-secondary, and community library books to 26 countries since 1988.  They are located in Saint Paul, MN.

Bridge to Asia supplies books, journals, databases and other educational materials that are essential to teaching and research but too costly for most developing countries to afford.  They need college, graduate and professional level books and journals in all fields as outlined on their website. They are also looking for magazines, encyclopedias and dictionaries.  They have drop off locations in River Grove, IL and San Francisco, CA.

Darien Book Aid Plan sends books in response to specific requests from Peace Corps Volunteers,  libraries, and schools all over the world   Books are also donated books to libraries, prisons, hospitals, Native American and Appalachian groups in the United States.  The are looking for new and used books in good condition addressing subjects including science, business, medicine, grammar, literature, classics, fiction, non-fiction, children's books, textbooks in most subjects, but not older than 10 years. National Geographic for the last 5 years is the only magazine accepted. They are located in Darien, CT.

International Book Project / IBP Online sends donated books to developing countries and parts of the U.S.A.  They deal with books from children's through graduate and professional school.  Potential donors should send a description of the books - level, number of multiple copies, etc., and the Project will send a matching recipient's address. The donor can either send the books on their own, or arrange shipment with the Project for a fee, currently about $3.00 per pound.They are located in Lexington, KY

Prison Book Program has been sending books to prisoners for free since 1972. Most prisons do not allow hardcover books, therefore they only collect paperback books. Donations must be in good condition. They are located in Quincy, MA.
Homeless Shelters
The National Coalition for the Homeless, is a network of activists and advocates for the homeless.  They are committed to a single mission to end homelessness.
There are three links on their website that may be helpful in locating shelters near you:
Directory of Local Homeless Service Organizations - organizations listed in this directory are primarily homeless shelters.
Directory of Homeless & Housing Advocacy Coalitions - organizations listed in this directory are primarily homeless and housing advocacy coalitions and may be able to help you identify local shelters.
Artists Helping Children has a partial list of homeless shelters around the country.  You may want to contact the individual shelters to see whether there's a need for books.  If you find a more substantial national list of homeless shelters, please let us know.

Directory of Homeless Shelters 

The Shelter Listings database covers the United States with over 3,000 listings of shelters all of which serve the homeless and low-income.