When you are ready to participate in the program, review the following items and send us an email with your name, address (include the zip code), school and grade and the names of the organizations you expect to collecting books for.  If you're working with friends, we need the same information for them.

1. Identify an adult to help you with pick up and delivery.

2. Identify the recipient organization for the books.

3. Contact the recipient organizations and determine their needs.

4. Confirm that the recipient organization can issue a letter of acknowledgment to you.

5. Notify Bedsidebooks about your choice of organizations. 
6. Identify sources for books.

7. Promote your program.

8. Gather your books.

9. Store your books.

10. Sort your books and deliver.

11. Send us a two copies of your letter of acknowledgment (note: acknowledgment letters must be on the official stationery of the donor organization and have a contact name and phone number)

Good luck.